A marketing Geek Through & Through

Let me explain...

I went through post secondary for marketing & advertising (the old style television, newspaper, magazine style advertising!), then went on to work in a huge advertising agency spending millions of dollars a year on ads.

And I hated it. I thought I hated marketing, so ran as far away as I could get. I took on a few different jobs over the years for amazing companies and not for profit organizations.

And in EVERY job, I couldn't shut off my marketing brain. So I ended up doing the role I was hired for... and the marketing!

Eventually, I realized that how much I love helping small businesses thrive through strategic marketing. And started my own business to be here for businesses like yours that are looking to grow.

Tara Vicars marketing

Having a Marketing friend in your back pocket will change your business forever

That's why The Marketing Pocket Coach was created. To create a marketing strategy for your business, learn what you need to know and help your business thrive.

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