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Grow your business With a Marketing Strategy

Made specifically for you

Grow Your Business with a Marketing Strategy

Made specifically for you

With a million different ways to market your business and constantly changing online platforms, it's so hard for a business owner to know where to focus!

Making a plan for YOU

that works for your business and life


Marketing Strategy Creation

Combing through all the options to create a plan for action and growth.

Need to distill all the possibilities down to a strategy that is realistic for your life and business? This is the place.

We talk, brainstorm, and plot a course, then Tara creates your roadmap with all the details you need to follow.

Pocket Coaching

A marketing geek in your back pocket to help you take action go grow your business

This is a monthly package that gives you access to Tara for all the marketing support you need whether it's help with your social media, or feedback on your new website.



Marketing Management

When you need an expert to take it off your plate.

Don't have time or energy to take care of your marketing week in and week out? Tara can take that off your plate.

Marketing is my Jam

though I tried a million other things first!

After graduating from an Advertising & Communications program and spending my first few years of work life in the advertising world, I was convinced that the marketing sphere was NOT for me.

So I took some amazing jobs at some amazing places around the world and in every role, I ended up doing my job AND the marketing. Turns out it wasn't the marketing world that I didn't like. It was working for a massive corporation.

Helping independent businesses grow through strategic marketing is my passion and I can't wait to see how we can work together to grow your business too.

Strategy and business growth

Tara has worked with ICA from early on in the company's formation. She provides vital insight and strategic input on all fronts of the business, using her experience and business acumen to support us in navigating complex challenges. She is an excellent colleague, always making herself available and going above and beyond.

Emma Parker, Impact Capital Africa

Free Resources for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


Learn how the social media algorithms work and what you can do to control your experience.

Perfect for business owners who are feeling burned out by having to use social media to market your business.


Creating content is great. But if people get to your profile and don't know who you are and what they can expect from you, they aren't going to hit that Follow Button. Change that quickly!

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